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The Morfinity Commercial finance team will help you secure the most suitable Commercial Finance or Commercial Mortgage based on your requirements. The team cover a range of products that include Commercial, Semi Commercial, BTL, Owner Occupier & Investment with a range of features to suit you.

We’ve developed a really simple process and provide you with access to our Commercial Finance team that suits your busy schedule. We can schedule calls and updates outside of regular working hours to suit you and best of all we don’t charge a broker fee!

  • Is your Commercial Finance service really Free of Charge?

YES! that’s right we are one of the only Commercial finance brokers out there that doesn’t charge a fee, so start saving money and call us now.

Fee-Free Mortgage advice!

Key Questions around Commercial Finance and Commercial Mortgages

We can typically arrange the following:

  • Commercial Investment Mortgages
  • Residential Buy to Let Mortgages
  • Finance for Modern Industrial & Warehouse buildings
  • Investment Property Mortgages
  • Property Development Finance
  • Structured Finance
  • Semi Commercial Mortgages
  • Retail Property Mortgages
  • Commercial Finance for Offices
  • Finance for Light Industrial and premises used as Trade Counters
  • Finance to purchase Restaurants, Cafes and Takeaway’s
  • Auction Finance
  • Mortgage for HMO’s & Holiday Lets

If you are looking to get approval for Commercial Finance to buy or refinance a Commercial property, your first step is to speak to one of the Morfinity Commercial Finance team and discuss the options available to you based on your circumstances. We can help arrange finance typically up to 75% LTV (Loan to Value) for Commercial and Semi Commercial and up to 85% for Buy to Let investment. In some cases, we can help arrange a greater level of funding up to 100% through our partnerships with select lenders if you have additional security available.

With access to a range of mainstream and specialist Commercial lenders including banks and firms only available through intermediaries, we are able to arrange finance with attractive terms and features that suit your requirements.

  • Competitive rates
  • Interest Only facility for term of the loan (max 30 years)
  • Up to 75% LTV of open market value available for Commercial
  • Up to 85% LTV for Buy to Let
  • Range of fixed terms with 2, 3 and 5 years available
  • Same day terms
  • Bridge loans and finance on a first charge, second and combination charge
  • Minimum Commercial Mortgage of £100k
  • Owner Occupier and Investment Mortgages considered
  • Terms from 12 months to 30 years
  • Residential and Commercial Income can be considered
  • Equity release for purchase and finance
  • Most Asset Classes considered
  • Leasehold Commercial properties considered
  • Fast track process for specific applications

Speak to one of the Morfinity Commercial Finance team and discuss the options available, we provide a speedy service, terms can be issued on the same day, with an agreement in principle on the same day for BTL and within 48 hours for Commercial with full lender credit approval within 7 days.

As part of the application, the lender will likely run a background credit check and review your credit score in order to build a picture of how you manage your credit commitments. Sometimes we miss payments because we might forget or other times it might be due to circumstances beyond our control.

A lender might decline an application because of a low credit score or it may be that the credit file doesn’t match or meet the lenders criteria.

However, the Morfinity Commercial Finance team have access to a range of lenders some of which specialise in providing finance to applicants with a less than perfect credit profile and in some cases, so it’s important to provide all the most recent information to your advisor and we can ensure we put forward your application to the best suited lender.

There are other circumstances where you may not need to pay a deposit and the lender can finance the whole purchase amount, this will really depend on how much additional security you have available. We have relationships with a number of lenders who provide this type of finance so please call us to find out more.

What is a Commercial Remortgage?

A Commercial remortgage is the process of paying off your current Commercial Mortgage lender with the proceeds of a new Commercial Mortgage obtained from a different lender and in most cases, you would be using the same property as the security vehicle. A remortgage usually takes less time than a purchase, however the process is pretty similar.

Key Questions around Commercial Remortgages

Remortgaging allows you to move from one lender to another if your current term is expiring and could enable you to obtain better terms. You could reduce your monthly payment by fixing a term at a lower rate. You could use equity built up in your Commercial Property to borrow more to fund an additional property purchase, property improvements, or even capital raise for other requirements

Remember increasing the value of your Commercial Mortgage will likely mean your monthly payments go up.

A remortgage calculator lets you find the amount you could borrow, get in touch with Morfinity for expert advice and the best Commercial remortgage deals available.

Clients usually opt for remortgaging to save money because, in certain circumstances it could be the best available option, especially when it’s a lower rate or the product has greater flexibility.

Yes, you can, reviewing your current Commercial Mortgage could be one of the best financial decisions you make, not only does it give you an opportunity to assess how your current deal compares with the market but it could also be an opportunity to for you to consolidate, reduce your monthly payment if you get a better deal/rate, repay any expensive debt or use any equity that’s built up in your property to borrow more.

It depends on your personal circumstances, with lenders requirements changing daily you could find a better deal that helps you reduce your monthly payment, then why not!

Commercial Mortgage Stamp Duty

Key Questions around Stamp Duty Land Tax

The buyer either the individual(s) or the legal entity ie a Limited Company purchasing the  property has to pay the stamp duty.

The amount of SDLT that you will pay on non-residential depends on a number of factors. You pay SDLT on increasing portions of the property price (or ‘consideration’) when you pay £150,000 or more for non-residential or mixed (also known as ‘mixed use’) land or property.

  • Up to £150,000 zero
  • The next £100,000 (the portion from £150,001 to £250,000) 2%
  • The remaining amount (the portion above £250,000) 5%

Please refer to the UK Governments Stamp Duty Guide.

Bad Credit

A poor credit profile would generally reduce your chances of getting a Commercial Mortgage from mainstream lenders, there are however a number of lenders who look past certain “blips” on your profile or disregard some types of late or missed payments and can overlook CCJ’s or defaults under certain circumstance. Call us and we can discuss your options.

As part of the application, the lender will likely run a background credit check and review your credit score in order to build a picture of how you manage your credit commitments. Sometimes we miss payments because we might forget or other times it might be due to circumstances beyond our control.

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